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Inheritance Law Inheritance law is the work of specialists Inheritance law is an interface of many areas of law Clashes involving inheritance law often relate to past pain Inheritance law is a process of coping with bereavement Disputes about an inheritance delay closure and this process of coping Inheritance law and estate


Divorce Divorce is a process of coping with bereavement A messy divorce delays closure and the process of coping with a bereavement A divorce is difficult for each of the spouses. Divorce means parting ways, also often from family-in-law, from friends, from a certain standard of living and sometimes, wholly or partially, from children. Clients


Mediation vFAS- and mFN-mediator I am a mediator, trained at the Association of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (vFAS). Mediation means that parties sit down with me to discuss the consequences of divorce, ending a relationship or settling an inheritance, with the aim of coming to a mutual agreement. Communication and emotions Pain,


Contact To contact me, please send an email to the email address below or call me on the telephone number provided below. Menno van Gaalen Family Law Keizersgracht 62-64 1015 CS Amsterdam Tel: 020 520 79 95 Fax: 020 520 75 10 Email: advocaat@mennovangaalen.nl


Fee Hourly rate My hourly rate is €250 excl. VAT. Invoice Clients receive a monthly invoice with an hourly breakdown of the time spent. Clients living outside the Netherlands are requested to pay a deposit that is refunded once their file has been closed. Time-intensive Assistance with a divorce or the settlement of

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Menno van Gaalen Family Law
Keizersgracht 62-64
1015 CS Amsterdam
T: 020 520 79 95
F: 020 520 75 10


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