Hourly rate

My hourly rate is €250 excl. VAT.


Clients receive a monthly invoice with an hourly breakdown of the time spent. Clients living outside the Netherlands are requested to pay a deposit that is refunded once their file has been closed.


Assistance with a divorce or the settlement of an estate is usually a time-consuming activity, also for me in my capacity as a lawyer and mediator. Each file and every client is unique, requiring a bespoke approach from me. Fortunately, I am able to save much time owing to my ready knowledge and extremely extensive practical experience. Nevertheless, lawyer and mediation bills often come as an unwelcome surprise to clients.

No business-related costs

Lawyer’s fees in divorce or inheritance cases are not charged on to entrepreneurs as business costs, unless clear business interests are involved in the service provided.

Lawyer’s fees are sometimes tax-deductible

Lawyer’s fees related to partner alimony can be included as a deductible item in box 1 in the income tax return in the Netherlands.